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Viva Over – On Calling it a Day

So that’s that then. Five and a half years of tapping away at keyboards and hoping various bosses don’t notice that I’m not actually copying out the spreadsheet I said I was come to an end. One of the reasons I began Viva was because I felt there was a gap on the web for a more reasoned and relaxed take on the Rovers. The excellent Donny f***ing Rovers had gone, YAURS had lost its battle to retain the Empire and suddenly it was the official site or nowt. The other, and more important reason, was because I enjoyed writing and wanted to do it more regularly. Continue reading


Welcome to Viva Rovers, the only site related to Doncaster Rovers ever likely to be described as "high-brow". Written and edited by a man once dubbed "some clown" by Andy Townsend, Viva was recognised with Bronze in the 2009 When Saturday Comes Web Awards and has spent the subsequent years trying to live up to that billing. Feel free to look around, but do be aware your reading may be recorded for training purposes.

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