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Middlesbrough 3-0 Doncaster Rovers

As painful as it may have been to endure one more time, a three goal defeat featuring a goal in the last minute was probably the most apt conclusion to this season for Rovers. That it also took place without a number of key players – Friend, Stock, Coppinger – all unavailable owing to scheduled operations on troublesome injuries even more fitting. Its been a horrible second half of the season, and the main reason to be cheerful right now is that it has ended. Despite failing to win for more than two months, Rovers will be back for more in August. Continue reading


Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Leicester City

The feeling at the end of the final home game of the season is always an odd one. Time to bid goodbyes to those I’ve spent every other Saturday with for the last nine months, people I won’t see again til the back-end of the summer. At least after today I know that the next time I see them it will be the same time, the same place and thankfully the same division. To quote the twitter feed of full-back James O’Connor; “Finally! Horrible season.” Continue reading

Barnsley 2-2 Doncaster Rovers

What I like about the Doncaster and Barnsley rivalry is that despite the numerous similarities between the two towns, matches between them send both sets of fans spiralling into a parallel world Four Yorkshireman sketch. Tha’s got it so much worse than us tha knows. In the Away End toilets I overheard one Rovers fan mocking the intelligence of the locals; he did this whilst simultaneously pissing in the urinal and using both hands to send a text.  Is Doncaster really that much more urbane than Barnsley? We get an airport, a lake and a H&M and suddenly we’re Stephen Fry. Can’t we all just get along… and laugh at the folk in the big city down the road instead? Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 0-0 Crystal Palace

Free football… sunshine… free flags… what more could you want? Well, a goal would have been nice, but the end result of a point apiece does more for Rovers’ survival hopes than it does those of Crystal Palace. As a relegation clash the game lived up to its billing, nervy, disjointed and two sides – with three further games to come – keener to avoid putting a foot wrong than take the kamikaze all-or-nothing approach to tier two survival. Continue reading

Hull City 3-1 Doncaster Rovers

“I thought we were a disgrace… for a team that’s fighting for its life I thought we came here and played like there was nothing on the game, like we came here to entertain the supporters. We’ve scored, what? Four goals in ten games? If we think we can come to any ground in the Championship and out score teams we’re deluding ourselves” The words of Sean O’Driscoll speaking after today’s game, and ones which effectively sum up Rovers current problems. Yes this team can play football, but if it can’t do the simple tasks like limiting the opponents’ chances then we’re set for a nervy season finale. Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Preston North End

How’s your heart? OK? Ticking by normally? Yes? Then you weren’t at this match. Ninety minutes of fraught, end to end football, which if either side had any sort of competence in front of goal would have finished at least 5-5. But then, if either side were more prolific then they wouldn’t be in the concerning position they are now and wouldn’t have churned out as much involuntary entertainment. The match played out like the potential relegation battle it had been billed as; an admirable amount of effort bringing a similar amount of errors. Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 1-3 Cardiff City

If you want an indication of how undeserved this defeat was for Rovers then the post-match reaction of my Cardiff supporting friends is probably good ground to go by. Upon meeting me outside the stadium their response was neither to goad nor gloat, but to apologise. City had somehow managed to score three goals and take three points from a game they were never in, and a section of their support (albeit probably through politeness to me) actually felt guilty for it. Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 0-1 Queens Park Rangers

Last season, when Neil Warnock brought his Crystal Palace side to the Keepmoat I decided not to attend. I’d seen that bunch of thugs the previous season, as they put in an ungracious display in a defeat they thoroughly deserved morally if not statistically. My distaste for Warnock is well-known to any regular readers of Viva Rovers, and had his QPR side not topped the table I would probably have stayed away again. Only, I was intrigued. I was interested to see just what it takes to top a division, no-one else seems comfortable storming. Continue reading

Nottingham Forest 0-0 Doncaster Rovers

In recent weeks Rovers fans have begun to ask, can we actually stay up? This isn’t negativity, so much as realism. Tough games in the run in and continued injury problems have brought a nervousness to the Rovers’ support that has led to folk looking at the remaining fixtures and pinpointing where the points are going to come from. Coming into this game the general consensus would be that a trip to the City Ground would contribute 0 to Doncaster’s final tally. Continue reading

Leeds United 5-2 Doncaster Rovers

So, three years after Brian Stock’s free-kick gave them a memorable win at Elland Road en route to promotion from League One, Doncaster returned to Leeds. The hosts are currently motoring towards a Championship play-off place in a sea of goals and neither that prgress nor the entertainment would cease as a result of this fixture. Continue reading

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