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Mustapha Dumbuya – Championship Hero

Kinder Eggs. Advent Calendars. Favourite footballers. Three things that it’s acceptable for children to have, but not so much for grown men. Perhaps because with age our excitement and wonderment is displaced by the realism that these things we were once so giddy about turned out to be a bit of a let-down, for the most part hollow and decidedly over-priced. Or perhaps it’s because our wives or girlfriends won’t let us. Continue reading


That’s Squad Numberwang

Doncaster Rovers today confirmed their squad numbers for the season ahead. Not much in the way of news I know, but we’ve decided to flesh it out and give particular appeal to statisticians and geeks by not just giving you this season’s squad numbers, but a list of everyone to have worn each number. Rovers were still non-league when squad numbers were introduced, but the Conference chose to adopt the Football League’s practice for the 2002-2003 season. This of course was to be Rovers last season in non-league football, so the players below have all played their part in a surprisingly swift and effective rise. Continue reading

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