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The Donny R’sonists are the Doncaster Rovers’ Internet Supporters’ Football team and in recent years they have been closely linked with Viva Rovers. The R’sonists were formed in 1998 when it appeared as if the real Rovers were set to be no more and the team takes its name from the antics of a certain ex-‘benefactor’ of the club.

Since 1998 the R’sonists have been members of the IFA (Internet Football Association) and have represented Doncaster at the annual supporters team tournament WorldNET held in Leeds, as well as playing fixtures against other supporters’ teams throughout the season. More details on the formation and history of the R’sonists as well as the team’s latest news is now available to all on their own new website, which you can find linked in the Viva Rovers’ blog-roll at the right of this page.


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