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Viva Rovers Snapshot: Point of Return

Certain players are etched in football history, destined to always be associated with a single moment, a sole instance from years spent playing the game. Jimmy Glass is eternally buried beneath a pile of bouyant Cumbrians, Marco Tardelli will be forever running from the West German goal head shaking in joyous disbelief. Two such players jump out for Rovers; Theo Streete and Francis Tierney, and it is the latter’s finest hour to which episode four of our snapshot series is dedicated. Continue reading


Caption Competition; And the Winner is…

Right then, the hour is upon us, the time has come to announce the winner of Viva Rovers‘ second ever competition. We like folk to work for their rewards here at Viva Towers and so having asked you to draw your own interpretation of Steve Brooker for our first comp just over a year ago, we have again strove to get your creative side working with a Caption Competition this time round, all to determine the lucky recipient of a Savile Rogue luxury Cashmere scarf in Rovers colours. Continue reading

Viva Rovers Snapshot: Belle Vue’s Remains

Five years ago this month we said goodbye to Belle Vue, Rovers’ home for eighty-four years. Like many other supporters I’d grown up on the terrace of the Popular Stand, progressing from school, to sixth form, to university and on to employment, whilst never straying more than six feet on the concrete of a Saturday afternoon. And so leaving the ground, as ramshackle and unsuitable as it had become, was still a significant wrench. But that still paled to going back there a week or so ago. Continue reading

On Playing a Supporting Role

In my column for Issue 55 of the fanzine Popular Stand (which went on sale at the weekend) I examined the nature of being a football supporter, and the different interpretations of what it means to support a club. Given the reaction from a few readers to our report of Rovers’ match with Southampton at the weekend, I thought it may be timely to reproduce that article here for wider viewing; Continue reading

Hoops Around the World

As its international week and we’ve been spared a Doncaster Rovers fixture whilst Brian Stock sits on standby for Wales, we thought it only right to fill the void with a feature tenuously linked to the world of international football. Over the past few days we’ve asked via our social media outlets where is the most unexpected place you have seen someone in the red and white hoops, or indeed any Rovers related merchandise, and today we bring yo the results of our findings. Continue reading

Viva Rovers Snapshot: May 1998

It has probably not escaped your notice that Doncaster Rovers currently sit rock-bottom of the Championship table. As we watch frustrating performance after frustrating performance we often, and perhaps understandably, lose sight of the fact that these, are the good times. This is Rovers fourth consecutive season in the second tier. Large swathes of our support, myself included, never envisaged seeing us play out one. And in acknowledgement of that, the second edition of our snapshot series takes us back to when an appearance in football’s upper regions seemed furthest from Rovers grasp. Continue reading

The Viva Interviews: #1. Aine O’Gorman

In one facet of football our town has stood at the forefront for more than thirty years; on the tip of everyone’s tongue, inspiring novels and television series, and yet attendances remain in three figures. A line oft repeated on Rovers messageboards when attendances dip is that the town doesn’t deserve the club; that Doncastrians are under-appreciative of the football being played on their own doorstep. A theory in which there may be some truth, but one that is much more applicable to the town’s top-ranked football side; the Doncaster Rovers Belles. Continue reading

How Seven Days Ruined the Reputation of Doncaster Rovers

Little more than a year ago, aboard a Belgrade bound train at Bijelo-Polje on the Serbian-Montenegrin border. Hungover, sleep-deprived and nurturing an ill-thought-out late-breakfast beer, in the company of three fellow Wales and the loudest buffet car operator this side of the Caucasus’. After some time waiting the border guard appeared; he looked over my passport, smirked, and as he handed it back to me said “Ah, Doncaster… good football”. Continue reading

Rovers, You, and Bob Too

In a mark of how swiftly things have changed at Doncaster Rovers, on Thursday morning Bob Roberts, (otherwise known as angling superstar Bob Roberts) tried to send me an article expressing his thoughts about Rovers and the predicament in which they currently found themselves. The email failed. By the time Bob managed to resend it a day later Sean O’Driscoll had gone and the club was at that stage effectively a released spinning top. But Bob’s is a thoughtful and enjoyable piece which makes some very good observations and I believe it deserves to be seen by more people. So here is that article, written by Bob, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Continue reading

T’Other Side u’t’ Fence: Five Year Plan Fanzine

Well Rovers may not be going that well, but here at Viva Towers we’re on fine form. Just over a month into the season and we’ve already matched last year’s total for episodes of our occassional opposition view piece; T’Other Side u’t’ Fence. The latest victim kind participant is Stephen Bridle of the excellent Crystal Palace fanzine Five Year Plan, which has been in print since 2003. Its their Popular Stand if you will, although it costs £1.50 I’m told, but then thats London for you. They’ve money to burn those Southerners. Anyway, read on for Stephen’s personal take on Palace. Continue reading

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