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Viva Video Special: Rovers’ Manager Billy Bremner

Whilst Doncaster Rovers transform themselves from that plucky little footballing club to the sort of side that throws money at big name free-agents, we’ve decided to escape to the relative sanctuary of nostalgia. Come with us quickly to a simpler time, away from gardening leave and mystery investors, to thirty years ago and a place where football managers wore spare goalkeeper jerseys, smoked cigarettes in the dug-out and didn’t even bother to wash the bird-shit off their car before the tv cameras turned up. Continue reading


Viva Video Special: ‘Trading Places’

This coming Saturday sees the nation’s second Non-League Day, a fantastic idea designed to encourage supporters of Premier League and Championship sides to support their local grassroots clubs during the International break. To acknowledge and support this great initiative we’re enjoying a non-league themed week here on Viva Rovers. Yesterday we brought you a snapshot from 2001, a great picture taken during Doncaster’s own spell in non-league ten years ago. Today, we bring you the story of just how Rovers ended up there. Continue reading

Viva Video CXXXI

So, if the reports and rumours are to be believed then yesterday Doncaster Rovers turned down an offer approaching £3million for Billy Sharp. To recap; Doncaster Rovers… turned down… about £3million. It’s very easy to say that you’re not selling a player, particularly when it’s arguably your most important asset, but it is another to not have the £ signs flashing in your eyeballs when you’re offered three times what you paid for your club’s most expensive ever player. Continue reading

Viva Video CXXX

With the release of the new season’s fixtures on Friday morning there was only one real contender to be the subject of the 130th episode of our Viva Video feature. Suggesting that the FA may have a sense of romance after all, Rovers have been handed an away game at Brighton on the opening day of the 2011-12 season, meaning that Doncaster will take part in the first competitive game at Albion’s new Falmer Stadium, fourteen years after playing in the final game at their Goldstone Ground. And so in this week’s edition we look back on that April 97 fixture. Continue reading

Viva Video CXXIX

Its been a frustrating week as a Rovers fan, as one of the most ridiculous stories ever to come from the club – or more specifically from a woman connected to the club who likes to disrobe in front of photographers – managed to occur slap bang in the middle of a rare dirth in transfer news and rumour. A double whammy which has seen the club’s profile sky-rocket in “And finally” columns the world over, and the hitherto squeeky clean image of Donny Dog dragged by it’s fore-legs through the dated shag-pile of the world’s spare bedroom. Continue reading

Viva Video CXXVIII

A big weekend in English football looms into view, striding out of the mire of transfer rumours, retained lists and sky-high ticket price increases. No, not the Champions League Final, the real big weekend; the Football League play-offs. Stevenage, Torquay, Peterborough, Huddersfield, Reading and Swansea, six sides not really steeped in Football history, well, aside from Huddersfield, have their moments in the sun at Old Trafford and Wembley respectively in a bid to climb a step up the pyramid to a new level. Continue reading

Viva Video CXXVII

We’ve reached that time of year folks, despite the wealth of football set for your screens this weekend, the season for Rovers is very much over. The relentless promotion of the Premier League as the be all and end all of football will see the title decided Saturday lunchtime despite the fact that there exists a more significant reason why that is football’s big day. Yep, no matter what happens at Ewood Park, tomorrow, it will always be FA Cup Final Day. Continue reading

Viva Video CXXVI

No tedious links, no convoluted intros; there was only one possible choice for this week’s Viva Video clip. Last game of the season tomorrow; Rovers at Middlesbrough, so episode 126 of this series could only ever feature the last game of the season; Rovers v Middlesbrough. Twenty-four years ago, give or take a couple of days, the Teesiders came to Doncaster for the final game of a remarkable season. Continue reading

Viva Video CXXV

If Rovers needed another incentive to preserve their second tier status, then the continuation of this feature could provide it. Finding a relevent video clip each week would become a significantly more difficult task were Doncaster facing less illustrious opponents on a weekly basis. For now at least we can be thankful that we still have the opportunity to rub shoulders and dig out clips of clubs who have featured at the top-level of competition in this country and on the continent. Continue reading

Viva Video CXXIV

I am writing this at just after midnight, a circumstance brought on by a number of things including a rowing team stuck in France, which is unfortunately the sort of thing my employees pay me to care about. Anyway, all is not lost for I am writing this at my dad’s house in Doncaster, and my dad has ESPN America, and as such I have the delight of the NHL and the Boston Bruins at the Montreal Canadians for company. Not only are these angry men on ice giving great distraction, but they’ve also provided the inspiration for this episode of Viva Video. Continue reading

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