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Moving the Goalposts; Last and First Stadium Scorers

In March I stood by the halfway-line on a cold, dark terrace and watched a tall defender clumsily amble forwards before taking an optimistic pot-shot at goal from a distance unlikely to bring reward. Both the defender and I had been in this situation, and this proximity, before. On this occasion the ambitious effort of Alfreton Town’s Theo Streete flew into the canal behind Worcester City’s St Georges Lane ground, but just over four years ago the outcome was much different. In December 2006, from a similar range, Streete tried his luck with a long-range hit and hope that  somehow swerved beyond the grasp of Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Paul Smith and found the back of the net, the last time a ball would do so at Doncaster’s Belle Vue ground. Continue reading


Goal Scoring by Numbers – part two

The bored amongst you will have noted our Wednesday stat fest which was Goal Scoring by Numbers, a look at how Rovers’ goals had been spread amongst the club’s squad numbers since saying goodbye to shirts numbered 1-11 in 2002. In that piece we brought you a substantial table showing the total goals per shirt number and an additional of who contributed what in the top XI shirts for goals. Continue reading

Goal Scoring by Numbers

No. I don’t have a girlfriend. You would probably go on to assume that for yourself over the course of this article, but I felt I should dissuade any doubts you may have from the off. Anyway, when Steve Brooker finally finished something other than a course of medication against Leicester in the penultimate game of the season I noted that his was the first goal by a Rovers number 9 in three years. Rather than doing what any normal person might have done with that fact, like go “huh?”, retweet it and then get on with my day I decided instead to take a look at which Rovers squad numbers were the most prolific. Continue reading

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