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An Audience with John Ryan – What Have We Actually Learnt?

On Saturday morning Viking Supporters Co-operative Chair Gareth Thomas was granted an audience with John Ryan, and duly put a number of questions to the Rovers Chairman regarding the recent monumental shift in approach from the club. On Sunday a transcript of this meeting was made available by Gareth on the VSC’s message-board. The manner in which Dean Saunders was appointed was not covered in their discussion, but below you’ll find the transcript of what was and our own feedback on the points raised, and those skirted round. Continue reading


Willie Wonga and The Short-Term Factory

It’s Friday. It’s mid-afternoon. Live from Doncaster, it’s time for the latest instalment of… The Willie McKay Show. Not so much the gift that keeps on giving as the elephant that keeps on shitting. Of course we knew football agent McKay was significantly involved in Rovers transfer activity of late, that had been apparent from Chris Kirkland’s interview with the official club website last Thursday, when he began, “I got a call last Friday from Willie McKay asking me if I would consider it…” However, only today, via an interview with the Daily Mail, has the full extent of his involvement in the club become painfully clear. Continue reading

SO’D Off – Why the Doncaster Rovers Board are Wrong to let Sean O’Driscoll Go

“Ultimately, when it comes to [Doncaster Rovers] I’d rather be relegated to League One than lose Sean O’Driscoll as manager”. They were my words. I tweeted them and everything. Just four days ago. It’s easy to trot out soundbites on Twitter and not be accountable for them, hell, I could go back now and delete it if I wanted. But the thing is, these words were, and indeed are, unequivocally true. Sean O’Driscoll has gone, and I genuinely am shocked, numb, despondent and angry. This news has hit me much harder than relegation from the Championship would do. Continue reading

Reasons to be Cheerful; 1, 2, 3

A concerning stat ahead of this weekend’s clash with Palace is that if they do not succeed in beating The Eagles then Rovers will equal a club record of twenty consecutive matches without a League win. That this record was set at the start of our 1997-98 annus horriblus will give as clear an indication as to how poor this current run of form is. However, no matter how far away that Tuesday 1st March night at Pride Park seems, it should also be noted, that it is just that, a poor run of form, and not as it was fourteen years ago; a crisis. So into the gloom we cast three beams of light, and give you reasons to be cheerful. Continue reading

Three and In – New Signing Frenzy

Typical, you wait ages for a close season signing, and then three turn up at once. After some protracted making their mind up time over their summer trialists Rovers have gone and snapped up three of them in one day, in arguably the biggest signing frenzy since the BBC mistakenly broadcast a Scatman John video during their See Hear programme. Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers – Understandable Relegation Candidates

I’ve touched on this before, but one of the common traits of modern football supporting, or indeed modern life in general, is that there is no longer a middle ground. Things are either good or bad, brilliant or shit, and any view which occupies a considered central position is labelled as fence-sitting. Similarly when it comes to offering your take on your football team your views are pigeon-holed as either positive or negative; even considered realism will be crowbarred into one of these categories as I discovered earlier this week. Continue reading

Brown Again – Chris Makes Rovers Return

It is an understood law in football that you should never go back to a club once you have left. Its reasoned logic, for if you were unsuccessful in your first spell then chances are there will be a low tolerance of any sub-par performances on your return (hello Mark Wilson), and if you had a profitable period first time around then the pressure is on to reproduce the magic. Chris Brown, who joined Rovers today from Preston, is very much in the latter of those categories, and he will return to Doncaster looking to recreate the highs of 2003-04. Continue reading

Rovers News Round-Up

Over the weekend it dawned on me that the nature of this site has changed somewhat since its inception five years ago. Back then we rushed to bring you the latest Rovers news, and attempted to beat the official site to the punch – a challenge that at times admittedly meant just writing about a story the same day it happened. The tone of Viva has evolved and I see now we are much more cynical and less urgent than those heady days on Rivals. Indeed amongst  the made-up transfer rumours, obscure tangents about football comics, and laments about ‘football news’ not leaving us be it appears we haven’t actually brought you much in the way of actual Rovers news of late. And so to address this hole, we bring you our first news round-up. Continue reading

Spurr Signing Maintains Comic Book Masterplan.

As you will all now be aware Rovers have made Tommy Spurr their first signing of the close season; the full-back joining on a two-year deal from Sheffield Wednesday for an undisclosed fee. Rather than pad this news out by regurgitating the same Soccerbase career stats you’ll have already read several times over already, we thought we’d focus on the unreported story beneath this transfer. No-one else dare admit it, but we know this is all part of John Ryan’s ambition to populate the club with players whose names suggest they should have their own football comic strip. Continue reading

All Brighton the Night – Fixtures Released

Well, it turns out that after all these years the FA actually has a sense of romance after all… who knew? Thirteen years after Doncaster travelled to Brighton for the final curtain at the Goldstone Ground they will return again to help begin Albion’s new era at the Amex Community Stadium. Who would have thought as the Seagulls fans were tearing the Goldstone apart for souvenirs that the two clubs, both in turmoil at the hands of owners most favourably described as ‘erratic’, would be in the second tier when they reconvened to christen Brighton’s new home? Continue reading

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