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Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.
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Viva Over – On Calling it a Day

So that’s that then. Five and a half years of tapping away at keyboards and hoping various bosses don’t notice that I’m not actually copying out the spreadsheet I said I was come to an end. One of the reasons I began Viva was because I felt there was a gap on the web for a more reasoned and relaxed take on the Rovers. The excellent Donny f***ing Rovers had gone, YAURS had lost its battle to retain the Empire and suddenly it was the official site or nowt. The other, and more important reason, was because I enjoyed writing and wanted to do it more regularly. Continue reading


Viva Rovers Snapshot: Point of Return

Certain players are etched in football history, destined to always be associated with a single moment, a sole instance from years spent playing the game. Jimmy Glass is eternally buried beneath a pile of bouyant Cumbrians, Marco Tardelli will be forever running from the West German goal head shaking in joyous disbelief. Two such players jump out for Rovers; Theo Streete and Francis Tierney, and it is the latter’s finest hour to which episode four of our snapshot series is dedicated. Continue reading

Birmingham City 2-1 Doncaster Rovers

The enthusiasm gained from last weekend’s victory over Southampton was doused somewhat as Rovers snatched defeat from the jaws of, well, a point at least, at Birmingham City. Of course St Andrews is no easy place to go, as both Club Brugge and Nacional can attest to, but having led 1-0 early in the second half Doncaster will be disappointed to have returned empty handed. Continue reading

Pre-Christmas Blues – Birmingham City preview

I have fond memories of Rovers last trip to St Andrews. Rovers of course lost that game 1-0 having done everything right with the exception of failing on two minor aspects; A. getting the ball into the goal and B. marking giant Cameron Jerome on a set-piece. Rovers pinged the ball about delightfully that game, took the game to The Blues from the outset, stunned their hosts and really deserved much better. And as if the performance wasn’t exciting enough, I got to sit behind Jamelia for the whole game. It still amazes me I remember any of the action. Continue reading

Caption Competition; And the Winner is…

Right then, the hour is upon us, the time has come to announce the winner of Viva Rovers‘ second ever competition. We like folk to work for their rewards here at Viva Towers and so having asked you to draw your own interpretation of Steve Brooker for our first comp just over a year ago, we have again strove to get your creative side working with a Caption Competition this time round, all to determine the lucky recipient of a Savile Rogue luxury Cashmere scarf in Rovers colours. Continue reading

Viva Rovers Snapshot: Belle Vue’s Remains

Five years ago this month we said goodbye to Belle Vue, Rovers’ home for eighty-four years. Like many other supporters I’d grown up on the terrace of the Popular Stand, progressing from school, to sixth form, to university and on to employment, whilst never straying more than six feet on the concrete of a Saturday afternoon. And so leaving the ground, as ramshackle and unsuitable as it had become, was still a significant wrench. But that still paled to going back there a week or so ago. Continue reading

On Playing a Supporting Role

In my column for Issue 55 of the fanzine Popular Stand (which went on sale at the weekend) I examined the nature of being a football supporter, and the different interpretations of what it means to support a club. Given the reaction from a few readers to our report of Rovers’ match with Southampton at the weekend, I thought it may be timely to reproduce that article here for wider viewing; Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 1-0 Southampton

What I like about selling the fanzine on matchday is that during the hour and a half spent outside the ground you get a sense of the prevailing pre-match mood amongst Rovers fans. Had I been asked at 2:55pm to sum up the mood of Doncaster supporters in a single word then I would have probably chosen ‘foreboding’. The most optimistic supporters clung to a “you never know”, but for the most part we felt we did, and we weren’t looking forward to seeing it unfold. Continue reading

Saints and Queasy – Sounthampton preview

After picking up just a point from a trio of games against sides in their own half of the table, Rovers face an even more daunting task at the Keepmoat Stadium today as League leaders Southampton roll into DN4. After seven points from a possible nine in his opening week in charge manager Dean Saunders is struggling to find form from his assortment of new acquisitions and so expect to hear him humming Yazz’s most famous hit if he passes you on his way into the ground’s Main Reception today. Continue reading

Caption Competition: Win a Cashmere Rovers Scarf

‘Tis the season of giving, and so not only are we offering new t-shirt designs of our own, but Viva Rovers has also teamed up with Savile Rogue to give you the opportunty to win a fine cashmere football scarf in Doncaster Rovers colours. No garish logos, or slogans, or itchy nylon, just a traditional red and white football scarf in high grade wool. Perfect for the cold weather be you out on strike, or twirling it above your head in celebration of a Brian Stock wonder goal. Continue reading

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