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T’Other Side u’t’ Fence: Five Year Plan Fanzine

Well Rovers may not be going that well, but here at Viva Towers we’re on fine form. Just over a month into the season and we’ve already matched last year’s total for episodes of our occassional opposition view piece; T’Other Side u’t’ Fence. The latest victim kind participant is Stephen Bridle of the excellent Crystal Palace fanzine Five Year Plan, which has been in print since 2003. Its their Popular Stand if you will, although it costs £1.50 I’m told, but then thats London for you. They’ve money to burn those Southerners. Anyway, read on for Stephen’s personal take on Palace. Continue reading


T’Other Side u’t’ Fence: Mirko Bolesan

They often say that the key to getting ahead in the world is not what you know, but who you know, and so I can consider myself very lucky to have known the latest respondent to our T’Other Side u’t’ Fence feature for the best part of eight years. I first met Steve in Milan in 2003, the night of the worst football watching experience of my life; seeing Wales lose to Italy in the San Siro is no bad thing, doing so whilst under a hail of objects and fluids from above however was something of a nadir. Continue reading

T’Other Side u’t’ Fence; I Don’t Know Jack

We’ve gone opposition view crazy on Viva Rovers, as already this season we’re halfway to matching last year’s total of T’Other Side u’t’ Fence features. After getting the views from a side promoted to the Championship courtesy of We Are Brighton’s Scott, this week its the turn of a side coming into the division in the other direction. Matthew Pratt of the general, but increasingly West Ham focussed, blog I Don’t Know Jack was kind enough to wade through the burnt out cars and buildings of the nation’s capital and face our questions. Continue reading

T’Other Side u’t’ Fence; We Are Brighton

Far be it from me to cast aspersions about your attentiveness, but I’m quite sure it won’t have escaped your notice that Saturday’s league opener is quite a significant game for our hosts Brighton. After fourteen years on the road at Priestfield and the Withdean Albion have returned to a home they can call their own and the fantastic new Amex Stadium will host its first competitive game against our rabble. In the spirit of Fans United forged on the pitch at their last ‘home’ game in April 1997 we felt compelled to get the views of one of their own, so here Scott McCarthy of We Are Brighton faces our questions; Continue reading

T’Other Side u’t’ Fence; The Scratching Shed

Twitter is a wonderful thing. Without it we wouldn’t have an insight into the complex and primarily Nandos based friendship of Gary Woods and Mustapha Dumbuya. And perhaps more pertinently for this site, nor would we have access to as many willing volunteers for our T’Other Side u’t’ Fence feature in which we put an opposition fan on the spot. Our latest interviewee is Ryan Parrish from Leeds United blog The Scratching Shed, which unfortunately gives this feature a title set to disappoint internet scanning gardening fans for weeks to come. Continue reading

T’Other Side u’t’ Fence; The Two Unfortunates

It’s a mark of the success of Viva Rovers that other bloggers and writers out there are now queueing up to be a part of our site. Well, I say queueing up, by that I mean occasionally emailing us. And by occasionally, I mean once. Still, at least the email that did arrive came from football blogging royalty. Rob Langham, one half of the duo behind the excellent Football League site The Two Unfortunates got in touch to offer his services in the lead up to Rovers match with Rob’s beloved Reading, and we naturally jumped at his offer. So here for your enjoyment are Rob’s thoughts in third edition of our renamed feature ‘T’Other Side u’t’ Fence. Continue reading

T’Other Side u’t’ Fence; On the Ponty End

In the run up to this Saturday’s sure to be postponed South Yorkshire derby we were approached by Wilky to answer a few questions on the game for his Barnsley blog On The Ponty End. We obliged, because we’re nice like that, but not before taking the opportunity to ask Ian to reciprocate and enable us to give a second outing for our T’Other Side u’t’ Fence feature. So here are the thoughts from across the Dearne Valley ahead of Saturday’s game. Continue reading

T’Other Side u’t’ Fence; Little Norwich

In the run up to Tuesday’s match with Norwich City we thought we would take advantage of one of our contacts and get an opposing fan’s perspective on the game. I will level with you though. The title to this piece is perhaps stretching the truth somewhat as I actually met the man behind Little Norwich about six years ago when we were both involved in the University of Lincoln magazine Bullet, and then subsequently played football for the same Sunday League team for five years. Still, this does at least represent the first time our blog sites have come face to face as his Little Norwich site was launched just this Summer. Continue reading

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