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Rovers 2010-11 Season in Pictures; part two

Its a Tuesday afternoon in early July, and its pissing it down, so what better time than now to bring our pictorial review of the season just passed to a conclusion. If nothing else it will distract me from the fact that I came to work in shorts and didn’t pack the canoe I’m looking likely to need for my return journey. So, here for your delectation are our the second dirty dozen images of the 2010-11 season captured impulsively using nothing more than the humble camera setting on my mobile phone. Try to remember as you look through these pictures that I’ve had no formal photography training… incredibly, this is all self-taught. Continue reading


Rovers’ 2010-11 Season in Pictures; part one

Having focussed on the words of the season just gone a week ago, it seems only right to pad out our close-season coverage further by bringing you some images from the past year as well. I’m no David Bailey, but I’ve made an effort to deploy the camera setting on my phone and take a picture or two at all the Rovers games I’ve attended this last season. Indeed those of you who have followed us on twitter during the season may have seen a few of these relayed via that medium already, but now we intend to give these images to the masses. Continue reading

Rovers 2010-11 Season in Words; part three

Time then, to bring our three part review of the 2010-11 season to a close, with a look back at the final months of the season; from February to its conclusion at the Riverside in May. To recap and give newcomers some context; inspired by our good friend at MirkoBolesan we have taken a graphical appraoch to our review of the past season. we have taken out time determinables such as “ten minutes in”, “on the hour mark” and references to the “first half” or “second half”, from our match reports from the past season and fed them into Wordle. The results for February onwards are as follows. Continue reading

Rovers’ 2010-11 Season in Words; part two

And so to the secon part of our abridged review of Rovers’ 2010-11 season. As explained in the pre-amble to part one, we have taken a graphical approach to our review this season, inspired by (or ripping-off if you prefer) the ideas of MirkoBolesan. As with that first part we have again amassed all of Viva Rovers’ match reports from November through to the end of January, taken out time determinables such as “ten minutes in”, “on the hour mark” and references to the “first half” or “second half”, and fed them into Wordle. The results are as follows. Continue reading

Rovers’ 2010-11 Season in Words; part one

Fans of Viva Rovers, should such a think exist, will be aware that in past years we have in June done a month by month breakdown of the season just past. Unfortunately circumstances this summer have ensured that time has simply not allowed me to put together anything anywhere near as comprehensive; I say unfortunately, not having opportunity to go back through the last four months of the season is something of a Godsend. Alas I have decided to look for another means by which to review the 2010/11 campaign, and courtesy of fellow spare-time football writer Steve, I’ve found one. Continue reading

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