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Popular Stand was launched in January 1998 when all this was nowt but fields, and when Doncaster Rovers stood on the brink. One of several Rovers related print fanzines, following on the heals of Raise The Roof and Keegan Was Crap Really, Popular Stand was a much-needed collective mouthpiece against those seemingly intent on driving the club out of existence. “At the time I thought that the fanzines that were around were being too easy on the clubs owners and it’s plight,” explained founding editor Liam Clayton.

As it was Rovers was rescued from the grasp of its former benefactors and set free to begin a new life away from it all in the Conference. Though the reason for it’s foundation may have been tempered, Popular Stand continued on into Doncaster’s non-league sojourn. Clayton remained as editor until Issue 9, when he was superseded by Nathan Batchelor. Lucy Burke, another long-term contributor soon stepped up to become co-editor with Nathan and the pair remained at the helm for 42 issues; a period which saw Rovers climb from the bottom half of the Conference to the edges of the Championship play-offs.

Whilst Rovers were picking up awards on the field, the ‘zine earned some recognition of its own, coming in second place in the sports category at the 2005 Emap Fanzine Awards. Unfortunately work commitments meant that Nathan and Lucy were no longer able to produce the fanzine, and the pair stepped down as editors in 2011. To ensure that the club was not without a fanzine Glen Wilson (yes, me) stepped in to take over as editor, starting with Issue 52 launched in April.

The fanzine is “still only £1”, having not risen in price since it’s launch and all ‘profits’ (ie. whatever is left after we’ve paid Dave the printer) are donated to Doncaster Rovers or related causes.

Back issues are sadly thin on the ground, but if you would like a pdf copy of Issue 52 email us (vivarovers@hotmail.com), and we’ll happily send you one in exchange for a donation to charity.


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