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Swansea City 0-0 Doncaster Rovers

Twelfth. Thats where Rovers finish the 2009-10 season. Sneaking onto the foot of the top half of the Championship table graphics, a small name noticeably out of place amongst more illustrious opponents. For all the play-off dreams of late March, if you’d have offered a Rovers fan this final league position in the summer months then, particularly after the sales of Matt Mills and Richie Wellens, they would not only have ripped your arm off they’d have taken most of your torso as well. Only twice have Doncaster finished higher than this. It really is about as good as it gets. Continue reading


Doncaster Rovers 4-3 Scunthorpe United

Late season with nothing to play for, time to play a few youngsters and kick back and relax right? Not at the Keepmoat Stadium. Scunthorpe secured their Championship status earlier in the week, Rovers last month, but neither side played as if they had one eye on an Ibizian pool party. Two of the divisions most unfashionable clubs, certainly the Championship’s least fashionable derby, yet it served up a thoroughly entertaining seven goal game. Continue reading

Ipswich Town 1-1 Doncaster Rovers

Match report coming soon…

Doncaster Rovers 2-3 West Bromwich Albion

Match report coming soon…

Blackpool 2-0 Doncaster Rovers

Blackpool seafront reminds me of Barbara Cartland; a facade past its prime desperate to appeal to visitors by caking itself with gaudy make-up. But beneath the layers of amusements and rock shops Blackpool is an optimistic town. It has to be. If you don’t believe me just take a look at the names of the many cafe and hotel names. The Parisienne, the Astoria and Café Rendezvous complete with mobility scooter parked outside, each named with continental flair and all as cosmopolitan as, well, as Doncaster. Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 1-2 Plymouth Argyle

Rovers were booed off at the end of this match. If that reflects anything, its not the performance of the team, but the ridiculous expectations of some of their supporters. Yes a defeat at home to Plymouth was disappointing, and yes at times Rovers looked lethargic to a degree, perhaps complacent going on recent form, but to boo a team off after only a second defeat in nine matches, whilst they are on course for their highest league position in over a century is wholly unfair. Continue reading

Barnsley 0-1 Doncaster Rovers

Of course it would be churlish of us to suggest that victory in a South Yorkshire derby was the result of some flimsy reverse psychology employed through a media based feature item, but we will say this. It worked, it worked, we told you it would and it worked. Yep, the streets and houses of Barnsley at Saturday tea-time will have resembled the opening scenes of Ripping Yarns tonight – even more so than normal – for Rovers have ended a run of three succesive defeats to their neighbours by beating Barnsley 1-0, one bloody nil. This was not as comprehensive a victory as past wins over The Tykes, but it was no less celebrated and no less important as Rovers ground out a single goal victory at Oakwell to move back into 8th spot in the Championship. Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 0-1 Newcastle United

Well, come on, you didn’t really think Rovers would beat Newcastle United did you? Not even much reported infighting can derail the Magpies quick return to the Premier League, as Andy Carroll, playing with a hand injury sustained when his fist came into contact with Steven Taylor’s jaw, struck the only goal of this fixture. It suggests that the brief fall and rise of Newcastle United has been aptly bookended by two 1-0 results at the Keepmoat Stadium. A year and a half ago Rovers gave Newcastle fans a taste of what was to come as they notched a relatively straight forward 1-0 win over the Magpies. Tonight it was the North East club’s turn to win 1-0 and it looks likely to be their last visit to Doncaster for some time. Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Sheffield United

Standing in Waterstones three hours before kick-off I heard the two people behind me talking about the match. “They’re playing Sheffield United today, it’s a big game,” prompted one. “It is yes, they’re eighth in the table now, nearly a play-off spot that.” “Well lets hope they win this one then.” And with that the two old dears who had been having this conversation shuffled round the corner of the A-Z authors rack and into Costa Coffee. People will scoff at Rovers’ attendances, despite their rate of growth over the last ten years, but whilst bums on seats may not be reflecting it as much as some would like, Rovers gradual league ascendancy is being noted and followed by the Doncastrian public. Continue reading

Peterborough United 1-2 Doncaster Rovers

Well, I hate to say it, but we did warn you all. In Viva Rovers’ match preview we pointed out that of late, despite their lowly league position, teams have generally struggled to breakdown Peterborough United. Of course we had hoped that Rovers too would not struggle to get the better of The Posh, however despite the struggle they did at least get the better of their hosts. It took an injury time winner to do it, but Rovers have continued their unbeaten run, and more prominently after over a year of waiting they have finally come from behind to win a game. Continue reading

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