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Celebrity Fan Club; #12 Father Christmas

OK, its time to draw a big fat festive line under this feature. Despite having two further celebrity Rovers fans recommended to me in the past week (thank you to Gavin and Mike for your suggestions) there could only be one man to which we could dedicate this feature on Christmas Eve. Yep, it’s the big man himself, the only man in red and white to be talked about more than Billy Sharp this week, it’s Father Christmas. Continue reading


Celebrity Fan Club; #11 ‘The Boy’

If I was Rupert Murdoch I would have axed this feature weeks ago, stealthy, in the middle of the night, without telling any of the celebrity fans what I was doing. Thankfully, for so many reasons, I am not he, and so I am more open to the suggestion and whimsy of the Viva Rovers’ readership. The problem is that as fast as I run out of celebrity Rovers fans to honour, some helpful sod emails in with another, so despite promising the end of this feature quite a while ago, here I am some time later still, fading it out. Celebrity Fan Club has become the feature equivalent of Hey Jude. Continue reading

Celebrity Fan Club; #10 Portland Bill and friends

There are a number of things in life that in retrospect I wish I hadn’t really started; the Reef downing challenge on my Sunday football club’s Christmas night out circa 2007… a discussion about the merits of religion in an agnostic age with a couple of elderly Jehovah’s Witnesses who once came knocking on my door, and taking a trumpet to Rovers matches (yes, that really was me). Thankfully though, as we hurl ourselves forcefully at episode ten, this feature on Celebrity Rovers fans is not yet in that bracket. Not yet. Enough paragraph padding though, its fan numero, er, ten; cartoon lighthouse dweller Portland Bill. Continue reading

Celebrity Fan Club; #9 Dr Seuss

Come on, stick with it. We can get this feature through to Christmas. We can do it. Believe me its no more fun for me to write these as it is for you to read them, but we will get through this. OK, so enough excuses its time for episode number 9 in our much loved romp through Rovers’ Celebrity followers. This week we are returning stateside for another very famous Rovers fan, none other than celebrated writer and cartoonist Dr Seuss. Continue reading

Celebrity Fan Club #8 Globie

We will see this feature through to Christmas, we will, and at the moment we’re stumbling onwards to that date like an American Wrestler hamming up their stagger towards their tag-team partner. This week we’ve moved away from the world of attractive female celebrities back to one of Rovers’ other key support demographics. Yep, we’re back in the world of fictional characters for our latest red and white hoop wearing celeb, it’s Globie the Harlem Globetrotters mascot. Continue reading

Celebrity Fan Club; #7 Lindsay Lohan

Bloody hell this is getting hard work, and we’re only seven weeks in to what seemed a really good feature idea back in the heady days of October. Anyway, we’re up to the latest celebrity to show their true football supporting colours in public and for the fourth week running it’s another well-known female. Hollywood paparazzi target Lindsay Lohan has displayed a lot of things in public, thankfully for our censors we’ll just be focussing on her red and white hoops. Continue reading

Celebrity Fan Club #6; Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung - once, twice a Rover

I know what you’re thinking, and yes I agree this feature is getting a little strained. However, despite the fact that no-one has clutched at so many straws since Ray Clemence last played Kerplunk we intend to solider on and I pledge to bring all red and white hoop wearing Rovers fans to your attention on a weekly basis from now until the end of time… or we run out of celebs. Probably the latter option to be honest. Anyway, enough excuses, behold celebrity Rovers fan number six, its television presenter and model Alexa Chung. Continue reading

Celebrity Fan Club; #5 Lily Allen

Lily Allen sports the hoops

When we began unveiling Rovers’ celebrity fans it seemed a good idea for a regular feature. Red and white hoops are quite popular these days, as are the Rovers; we were bound to be able to track down loads of celebrities wearing red and white hoops. Five week’s on its already a struggle, but thankfully we’ve not collapsed in tears over an internet image search engine just yet, and are able to bring you arguably the biggest celebrity Rover to date. Seen here displaying her red and white hoops proudly to the paparazzi is none other than sensational solo-artist Lily Allen. Continue reading

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