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A Doncastrian Derby on Non League Day

“So do yous all support big clubs as well, or just Doncaster?” It’s just under a decade since I was asked that question, mid-match, whilst playing for Rovers’ supporters side the Donny R’sonists in the IFA Cup. The questioner was the lad I was marking, centre-forward for Hearts’ supporters side Real Maroon, and I believe I went on to ask him the same question in reply. In hindsight though, it was not as unreasonable a question as it would be now; Rovers were then halfway through their fourth season in the Conference and very much a non-league side. It is for this exile that the spirit of Non-League Day will perhaps resonate more, and certainly less patronisingly, amongst Doncaster supporters than any other side in football’s top two tiers. Continue reading


Where to Get Your Kicks this Non-League Day

This Saturday sees the second annual ‘Non-League Day’. The brainchild of QPR fan James Doe, Non-League Day was initially launched to encourage fans of Championship and Premier League to use the international break in their own club’s fixtures to get along and support their local grassroots sides instead. The initiative proved a huge success last year, and as we were then Viva Rovers is fully behind it’s second coming in 2011, which is why we bring you this guide to where to get your fill of non-league football this Saturday 3rd September. Continue reading

Viva Video XCII – Non League Day Special

If you’ve not heard of Non League Day by now then I’ll take that as a personal insult, because we’ve had a number of articles on Viva Rovers about it in the past ten days. Bloody part-time readership. Glory web-browsers that’s all you are. Anyway, tomorrow, Saturday 4th September is Non League Day whereby supporters of Premier League or Championship clubs (like us) are advised to take advantage of the international break and go and watch some Non League football. This campaign should have particular resonance to Rovers fans, as its less than eight years since we were in that bracket, and it is from then that today’s Viva Video comes. Continue reading

Where to get your Kicks on Non-League Day

As we’ve mentioned a few times this week Saturday 4th September is Non-League Day, a campaign for people, particularly those who would normally watch Premier League or Championship football, to make use of the international break to get out and support their local non-league teams. And having watched a hell of a lot of non-league football over the years (including five years of Doncaster in the Conference) we are well behind this initiative. Continue reading

Non-League Day Looms

Make a note of Saturday 4th September, because more likely than not you currently won’t have any plans for that date. Rovers are not playing because of the international break, and the international teams for which they have broken are not playing because UEFA have decided that Friday nights are when football should be played. So what you need is an excuse to get out of the DIY, or a reason to avoid a visit to the in-laws, and ideally something that suggests you are evading these delights to support a good cause. Well, then you’re in luck, for Saturday 4th September heralds the first Non-League Day. Continue reading

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