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Foxed Off – Rovers Fans Frozen Out of ‘Fans Fixture’


Remember the good old days? Remember when you could go to the football, have a few pints beforehand, have a pie at half-time, stop off for fish and chips on the way home and still have change from a fiver? No, neither do I. Modern day football is expensive. Therefore these halcyon, and to an extent made-up, times of cheap and easily affordable professional football matches are set to remain a relic of times (and imaginations) past. That is until now. All praise Leicester City who have announced that this Saturday’s match is a Fans Fixture with heavily discounted entry for all at the Walkers Stadium. Yep come one, come all and get in cheaply… unless you support Doncaster Rovers. Continue reading


Popular STAND is 50

The long running Doncaster Rovers supporters’ fanzine Popular STAND has reached it’s fiftieth issue. Formed in 1998 when the club was on it’s knees Popular STAND has survived an incredibly testing time for any fanzine, namely twelve years of steady progress and ultimate success for the club. Its been a challenge but they’ve strived through it. For those who didn’t manage to pick up a copy yesterday, here’s my reflection on time spent serving the ‘zine.

Popular Stand; From Nadir to Here

“Is that a programme mate?” If I had £1 for every time I have heard these words over the years selling the Popular STAND fanzine before matches I’d have earned at least a tenner a game. Not much these days I know but it would at least have lessened the annoyance given that I was most often asked this whilst standing fifteen yards away from a programme seller and having just yelled “Rovers fanzine, still a pound,” repeatedly. I suppose if I was less honest I would have sold another fanzine each time I was asked too. Continue reading

A Response to ‘A Letter’

There’s nowt as queer as folk. A week ago as we revelled ina Rovers performance that had Queens Park Rangers chasing shadows (and kicking ankles) I was full of enthusiasm for Doncaster and the current manager. Alas it seems despite playing attractive football at the highest level the club has been in my lifetime Sean O’Driscoll can’t please everyone. Over on the messageboard of the Viking Supporters’ Co-operative website in the wake of Saturday’s result one member posted a thread entitled ‘A Letter’ which I feel needs a response. Firstly, here is the messageboard post in it’s entirety; Continue reading

Family Trees

As close as the FA would like us to get to The City Ground

Ignore that headline for a minute, it seemed a good idea nine seconds ago when I typed it and I’m sticking to my guns. Anyway, gather round everyone, I’ve a quick story for you all. I went to Doncaster’s match at Forest last season, as, with it being Boxing Day, so did much of my immediate family. Sat with my then girlfriend we could see a Vicky Pollard-esque character bounding about somewhere near the front few rows of Rovers fans shouting and gesturing at the home supporters to our right. “I bet your sister has probably wound up sat next to her” joked my girlfriend. Inevitably she was right, and midway through the second-half my sister and my mum had to move from their seats to enable the stewards and the police to deservedly drag the foul-mouthed Pollard and her equally unpleasant parents from the away end. Continue reading

No Pleasing Some

I am no fool and as such I realise that the level of tolerance and informed reasoning of your average local newspaper letters page will render it the print equivalent of Jeremy Kyle’s audience . But even with this in mind, its still hard not to be drawn to it. Its like a fire at a fireworks factory… you know you should stay away but you just can’t fight the natural urge to get closer and gawp. So, take this example, printed in yesterday’s Doncaster Free Press under the heading ‘Same Old Story Donny Rovers?’ Continue reading

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