As someone wise once said of this website, “above all, it looks like someone has made an effort” and so having made an effort to entertain and inform you we’ll also make an effort to dress you too. Viva Rovers is delighted to offer our readers a selection of original Doncaster Rovers related t-shirts and hoodies. And we’ve not stopped at clothing, oh no, you can also hop on the Viva Rovers bandwagon with a mug, scarf, bag or umbrella, each branded with our original site logo.

New Stock Now Available

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it about time someone merged Second World War Ministry of Information poster slogans with infamous late 1990s Belle Vue terrace yells? Well worry no more, as we’ve done just that for our ‘Keep Calm and Get Duerden On’ t-shirt, new for December 2011. Also new to the shop for this month, we’ve added our Polish Trade Union ‘Solidarnosc’ inspired design to a hooded top. These garments, plus others are all available in our shop now; click the image to be taken straight there.

Ordering for Christmas

If you’re thinking of ordering one of our products as a Christmas gift, then you’re a lovely person. You really are. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. The deadline for standard delivery to the UK is Saturday 17th December. Deadlines for other countries may vary so drop us an email and we’ll check for you before you order.


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