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The Longest Day – Cheltenham Revisited

A work meeting means I have to go to Cheltenham this afternoon. It’ll be just the second time that I have stepped foot in the town and my first visit since the day when Rovers fell at the final hurdle in the race for automatic promotion back in May 2008. Thankfully of course it all turned out OK in the end, but at the time we weren’t to know that. To acknowledge my return to the town of the damned and also the recent receipt of much of our old content rescued from S** Sp***s termination of Rivals let us take you back to our diary acount of what we dubbed at the time The Longest Day. Continue reading


Promotion Push Diaries; part three

As Doncaster’s promotion bid continues to fight for another week so does Viva Rovers diary of the push for the Championship, with a blow-by-blow account of Friday’s play-off semi-final second-leg win over Southend. Continue reading

Promotion Push Diaries; Part Two

Another tense game in Doncaster’s’ promotion push means another minute-by-minute diary from Viva Rovers, despite somewhat extenuating circumstances. Continue reading

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