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Viva Video CXXVII

We’ve reached that time of year folks, despite the wealth of football set for your screens this weekend, the season for Rovers is very much over. The relentless promotion of the Premier League as the be all and end all of football will see the title decided Saturday lunchtime despite the fact that there exists a more significant reason why that is football’s big day. Yep, no matter what happens at Ewood Park, tomorrow, it will always be FA Cup Final Day. Continue reading


Wolverhampton Wanderers 5-0 Doncaster Rovers

The Magic of the Cup, though often spoken of, has never truly been defined. As such I know not where pieces of silver sponsored by electricity companies sit upon the spectrum of the black arts. However, if pushed to estimate I would suggest a location with significantly greater allure than standing on a freezing mouse-ridden platform at Birmingham New Street being mocked by two pre-pubescent kids in replica shirts squeezed over the top of multiple tracksuits. Yet, at 11:00pm tonight, that is precisely where I found myself with Rovers having exited the Cup like an over-dunked Rich Tea biscuit; messily and without resolve. Continue reading

Molin Me, Molineux Aha – Wolves preview

I know what you’re thinking, after a headline like that this match preview can only really go downhill. And you’d be right. For the second time in ten days Rovers face Wolves in an FA Cup fixture, a match which can only mean one thing. Yes, another day spent with Duran Duran’s Hungry Like a Wolf stuck in my head, and then a mad dash out of work to get to Molineux for a match which is sure to be nothing if not under-attended. Continue reading

Doncaster Rovers 2-2 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Forget the World Cup, forget the Olympics, forget the Crystal Maze, yes, even the series hosted by Richard O’Brien. According to the man on the tannoy at the Keepmoat Stadium today, this was “the greatest competition in the world”, and who are we to argue? With that sort of billing you could have forgiven this third round tie had it failed to live up to the promise, but thankfully that was not to be the case. Rovers and Wolves delivered a genuinely enthralling cup tie, which Doncaster can feel genuinely disappointed not to have won. Continue reading

Wolves at the Door – Wolverhampton Wanderers preview

Can you feel a draft? You can can’t you. That’s because I’ve been busy throwing league form out the window in preparation for this fixture, which as we all well know is, at the end of the day, just eleven men against eleven. Yep its the annual media-patronisation-of-lower-league-football-clubs-athon that is FA Cup 3rd round day. As I type a BBC researcher will be looking in a file under ‘R’ for Radford and Garth Crooks will be off in a provincial town for Football Focus interviewing a local butcher about the window meat display in which he’s carefully and disturbingly crafted a variety of animal carcases into the message “Up the Boro!” Ah, who am I kidding? I love it really. Continue reading

Viva Video CIX

A new year may have dawned, but it’ll take more than that to dissuade us from persisting with the longest running video feature (on a Doncaster Rovers related website) in the world. There could only be one suitable subject for this week’s edition of Viva Video and that is Rovers’ next opponents and favoured club of manager Sean O’Driscoll; Wolverhampton Wanderers. Continue reading

Viva Video IX

Incredibly this feature is now just one episode away from double figures… ths week, its one for the visitors. The benefit of being in the Championship in the modern era is that Rovers face clubs which are traditionally ‘bigger’. You know, clubs that have honours lists which don’t include regional county cups, teams who don’t necessarily have dugouts just a reserved part of the stadium seats. And most importantly for this feature, teams who have a substantial video archive available on the net. Continue reading

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