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Rovers’ 2010-11 Season in Pictures; part one

Having focussed on the words of the season just gone a week ago, it seems only right to pad out our close-season coverage further by bringing you some images from the past year as well. I’m no David Bailey, but I’ve made an effort to deploy the camera setting on my phone and take a picture or two at all the Rovers games I’ve attended this last season. Indeed those of you who have followed us on twitter during the season may have seen a few of these relayed via that medium already, but now we intend to give these images to the masses.

There are a few departures from Rovers matches to other games which featured in my season of football watching, and indeed not all the games I’ve attended this season are included. The reason for the latter is not so much the quality of the pictures, but the likelihood that the lovely happy-go-lucky people at Football Data Co will shut us down again should we deign to include a blurry phone-camera image of a distant football field, as happened the other year. Anyway here’s the first dozen from our season collective for you to waste some time with.


Dream Partnership (Four Four Two magazine)



Not the only time they’d be associated with rubbish this season (Preston 0-2 Doncaster Rovers)


 First home game of the season brings out the big flag (Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Bristol City)


 Look who’s back (Cardiff City 4-0 Doncaster Rovers)


Kick it Out! (Zbrojovka Brno 0-5 Sparta Prague)



 John Toshack’s three-year long farewell tour reaches it’s end (Montenegro 1-0 Wales)


 Dizzy heights (Doncaster Rovers 3-1 Norwich City)


Late night in the office watching Yorkshire’s top two (Doncaster Rovers 0-0 Leeds United)



New month, new t-shirt (Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Nottingham Forest)



Byron Webster lies about his fishing prowess (Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Millwall)


Red sky at night, Rovers delight (Portsmouth 2-3 Doncaster Rovers)


 “Welcome to Hell!” (Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Swansea City)


About glen wilson

Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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