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Rovers’ 2010-11 Season in Words; part one

Fans of Viva Rovers, should such a think exist, will be aware that in past years we have in June done a month by month breakdown of the season just past. Unfortunately circumstances this summer have ensured that time has simply not allowed me to put together anything anywhere near as comprehensive; I say unfortunately, not having opportunity to go back through the last four months of the season is something of a Godsend. Alas I have decided to look for another means by which to review the 2010/11 campaign, and courtesy of fellow spare-time football writer Steve, I’ve found one.

Those who sampled our World Cup writing venture Twinty Tin will be familar with Steve and his excellent pieces looking at football’s oddities, statistics and unsung heroes. These articels are also the staple of his own football blog Mirko Bolesan, and it is there that we turned for inspiration. Mirko Bolesan recently collated a club by club review of the Premier League season with a difference, taking each club’s match reports from the BBC website and inputting them into Wordle to create a graphical Word Cloud of their season. We liked the idea so much, that with Steve’s permission we’ve elecetd to replicate it with our own match reports from the season past.

The programme itself removes many common words such as ‘and’ or ‘the’ to prevent them dominating the cloud and after a couple of trial runs and twitter conversations with Steve I elected to take out a few further common terms, in particular time identifiers such as “ten minutes in”, “on the hour mark” and references to the “first half” or “second half”. The results can be seen below, with our review of the first three months of the season; word clouds for August, September and October.

The larger the typeface for the word, the more often it has featured within reports from that month, and so its interesting to note which players show most prominently. As such its interesting to note the continued significant presence of Coppinger and Sullivan within the clouds, and the occasional rise of other players. For example Mustapha Dumbuya comes to the fore in September, whilst John Oster and Billy Sharp make more of an impact in October. Its also notable that ‘Good’ is quite prominent in September (a month when Rovers sat in the play-off positions), whilst ‘behind’ is quite heavy in October.

August Word Cloud

2010-11 Season; September Word Cloud

2010-11 Season; October Word Cloud

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Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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