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Viva Video CXXIII

As we advance into the hundreds on the episode count for Viva Video it may come as a surprise to you to learn that when selecting clips for this feature we do have certain standards. The first, and in all honesty probably only, rule is that we do not use shaky footage captured on a mobile phone, as we like to maintain at least a faint sniff of decorum on these pages. However, rules are made to be broken and we have previously included two exceptions; the first being to capture the full atmosphere of Rovers opening Championship goal against Derby, and the second to show the wonder that was the Solihull Moors robot. Today, episode 123 will provide exception number three.

One of the reasons why I am happy to flout this rule to bring you action from Tuesday’s game against Preston is the quality of the footage at hand; though shot from a camera-phone its better than much of the tape ITV broadcast in the early rounds of their FA Cup coverage. And the second reason is that it proves a point I’ve long made; goal music is unnecessary, rubbish and painfully generic.

The clip below contains 6 minutes of footage from Tuesday night’s draw with Preston and includes the game’s two goals. It’s interesting to see and hear the reaction to Rovers’ opener, the build up to which starts bang on the 2 minute mark. Obviously you experience the delight of your own team’s goals quite often, but never quite get to see how the roar looks to opposition fans… and thankfully this was a roar. It’s also pleasing to see the jubilant reactions of Gary Woods and also loanee defender Matt Kilgallon at the front of shot.

However, the uncontrolled reaction of jubilation is subsequently shat upon by the strains of generic football soundtrack Tom Hark by The Piranhas. Thirty-eight seconds of corporate happy bouncy bollocks that bears no relation to the club or the relief or excitement of the goal itself. What relation has a Brighton Ska-Punk band to us? Is this what they really would have wanted form their anti-establishment roots? If you can watch those thirty-eight seconds between goal and Preston substitution without cringing then you’re as much a blight on football as the lack of respect shown to match officials, Tim Lovejoy, S*y Sp***s, and Robbie Savage’s punditry.

The beauty of this clip is that it offers a handy compare and contrast in the form of Preston’s equaliser a minute later (on 4:10). Now listen to the reaction of the Preston fans as their (seemingly offside) leveler hits the net. They don’t need thirty-year old hits to go crazy-go-nuts. No, incredibly, against all odds, they’ve managed to do it all on their own without musical accompaniment. Who would have thought it possible?

The defence rests…


About glen wilson

Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


One thought on “Viva Video CXXIII

  1. Martis didn’t seem too fussed that we’d scored – consummate professional? Or just not bothered?

    Posted by muttley | April 15, 2011, 11:00 am

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