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Episode 110 of our weekly excuse to forego what we’re actually employed to do for a few minutes of a Friday. That is effectively why this feature was created over two years ago, to try to lighten the end of your week by bringing you a clip which might make you laugh or make you smile, or that you would never normally have stumbled across. Surprisingly as we enter the third year of this feature we have also managed to keep each clip relevent to things going on that week, either in relation to Rovers or their opponents. This week however, I will hold my hands up and be honest with you from the opening paragraph; the link to this week’s clip is very tenuous.

Do not let that fact dissuade you from watching because as tenuous as the link may be it’s still a great bit of audio. So here’s the link; Rovers this weekend host Reading, a team which was once (and should still be) nicknamed The Biscuitmen. And when you think of biscuits and football you invariably think of Half Man Half Biscuit, the band from Merseyside formed in the mid 80s who once turned down the invitation to perform on Channel 4 music show The Tube because Tranmere Rovers were playing that night. HMHB also referenced football in a number of their tracks including perhaps most famously the 1986 single All I Want For Christmas is a Dukla Prague Away Kit.

It is however not that track which is the focus of this week’s Viva Video, but another football themed single. The abilities of those ex-footballers chosen by television networks to serve as pundits are often lamented these days, indeed we’re guilty of it ourselves (Hello Garth Crooks!), but why simply moan and rant, when you could pen a song about it? Whatever form our satirical swipes at Garth Crooks take, I know they will never be as cutting as Half Man Half Biscuit‘s song signalling their incredulity at the choice of mono-toned auto-cue stare-out champion Bob Wilson as a television anchorman.

Oh to have been able to write the lines;

I’ve been to Kent, Gwent, Senegal
I’ve even been to look for Jim Rosenthal
Found him on his knees at the wailing wall crying
“Bob Wilson, anchorman”

So, here it is, one of the most enjoyable (unless you are Bob Wilson) and underated football songs ever written; Bob Wilson Anchorman

About glen wilson

Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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