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‘Brooker Prize’ Competition Update

Last Friday, to lighten the mood of general melancholy surrounding Rovers transfer market losses we launched our very first competition. With the club’s official site announcing that forward Steve Brooker was on course to be fit for pre-season after being eternally injured since moving to DN4 we were at a loss to remember just what this near mythical  forward looked like. There had been a reported sighting at Watford in November 2008, but experts could not be drawn on whether this footage was genuine. So we asked for your interpretations of just what this Steve Brooker fella looks like, and offered a Viva Rovers mug to our favourite picture. Here’s the entries we’ve received so far.

Entry 1; Viva Rovers

Well we’re not in the running for the prize, but we thought we should kick-start the competition ourselves to show you the kind of thing we are after.

Entry 2; Mike Follows (aged 28 and three quarters)

Mike has submitted this technical screengrab collage piece which celebrates Steve Brooker’s lesser spotted nature.

Entry 3; DRover (aged 6 and a half)

DRover shows exceptional talent for a supposed six year old, though those who don’t know Brooker’s injury record may wonder why he has his foot in a beehive.

Entry 4; Matt Harriman (aged 27… mental age 7)

Matt makes the effort to point out that ‘these are plaster casts not a rare skin condition’ and also gains extra marks for including an ambulance ‘for the inevitable’

Entry 5; Rosso Exile

Rosso Exile is another one to have chosen modern technology for his picture and explains his interpretation thus; ‘Didn’t you know Steve is supplementing his income with a Saturday job’.

Entry 6: Sheepskin Stu

Sheepskin Stu has gone all out for a full ensemble piece, showing Steve Brooker alongside some other notable Rovers folk.

If you’ve not yet entered don’t fret, there’s still time. Deadline for entries is ealry Friday morning,a nd we’ll announce the winner on Friday evening. Send your pictures of Steve Brooker, whoever he is, to vivarovers@hotmail.com


About glen wilson

Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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