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Viva Video LXXIII

Forget Sheffield Wednesday, forget Sheffield United, forget Leeds United, forget Hull City and to a degree forget Barnsley. When it comes to local rivalries there are only two true derby games for Rovers as far as I’m concerned; Rotherham United, and Scunthorpe. True our recent fortunes may have catapulted us to regular meetings with the region’s bigger names, but these were the rivalries of my formative Doncaster supporting years, and I’m not letting stadia size and fan numbers cloud that.

And so with Scunthorpe having cemented their Championship status for another season we can look forward to two more of these true derbies next season against tomorrow’s opponents. Safe to say when Phil Gartside and co mooted suggestions of a Premier League II the last fixture he envisaged being a part of it was Doncaster v Scunthorpe and that alone is reason for us to revel in this far from fashionable fixture. Its not ‘something of a derby’ as the BBC keep referring to it in their highlights packages, it is a derby. And to make amends for the disregard shown by some Rovers fans I’ve chosen to make the Iron the sole subject of this week’s Viva Video.

Given that they have maintained their second tier status Scunthorpe may look around Rovers’ Keepmoat Stadium with a degree of envy tomorrow. The Iron’s own Glanford Park looks increasingly dated in the face of more modern stadia developments, but little more that two decades ago the story was very different. Glanford Park was the first new football stadium to be built in this country in a generation, and was seen as representing the future of the game. This week’s video comes from that time.

This is one of my favourite episodes of Viva Video for some time, a  combination of the local news coverage of Glanford Park’s opening from both Calendar and Look North. Within these fantastic seven minutes of footage there is plenty to look out for including Peter Shilton’s photographic recollections of Scunthorpe and a more intimate close-up of John Helm’s anatomy than anyone could ever want. Also keep an eye out for the sort of woman who would be the last you’d expect to confess to courting at the Old Showground. Its a great video, enjoy it.


About glen wilson

Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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