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Viva Video LXVIII

In the run up to past fixtures with Barnsley we’ve often been somewhat dismissive of our South Yorkshire cousins within Viva Video. Most notably when we used this feature to celebrate and relive Rovers fantastic run of four consecutive wins over the Tykes in the third tier. Finally we are prepared to admit that this approach has ultimately failed. For as long as we have run the Viva Video feature (in both its incarnations) Rovers have not beaten Barnsley, and in fact all our three meetings in the Championship thus far have resulted in wins for them up t’ road. No-one wants that. So to try and stave off a fourth successive defeat we have plumped for some reverse psychology for episode 37.

Doff tha’s flat caps, get a celebratory lump o’ coal from t’ shed, and pour tha sen a reet fine glass o’ Barnsley Bitter, its time to celebrate the best that Oakwell has to offer. Yep, you know what they say, if you can’t beat ’em, then briefly pretend to honour them in an attempt to swing fate back your way. This week’s video is entitled ‘Vintage Barnsley’, so feel free to take this opportunity to make your own joke about pit ponies, trams and coal wagons, and that only being 1997 vintage, because I’m busy trying to appease football Gods here. So yep, its time for some Vintage Barnsley action courtesy of some football highlights subtitled “Another chance to reminisce about those great days”.

Oddly the great days of which the video speaks appear to have taken place in the bottom two divisions in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but then Barnsley folk are noted for being down to earth. The footage begins close to home too with Barnsley’s equaliser in front of a Town End complete with stand in a 2-2 draw at Belle Vue in 1978. A few other things spring out from this montage, the fondness of Barnsley folks for hurling toilet paper pitchwards in times of high excitement; the third goal of the video in particular giving Oakwell the air of an eighth rate La Bombonera.

As the video plods on its also noticable just how many of Barnsley’s ‘great days’ had woeful opposition defending and goalkeeping at their heart as well. That said there are a couple of cracking goals in the middle –  a hooked volley at Millmoor and a fantastic free-kick against Burnley the stand out strikes. And above all they do have the decency to end with a gloriously old school celebration courtesy of Glyn Riley who nails the classic 80s giddy run and mini-skip routine. So, here you go, heres Barnsley being good at football. Is this ok? Is this what you wanted? Can we get back to beating them now?

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Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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