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Viva Video LXV

Time is getting on you know. As my work colleague randomly chose to exclaim in the middle of the office the other day; “Woah, its March man!” Even though it was a full three months ago it only feels like a fortnight or so since I last brought you a Bristol City themed video clip as part of a Viva Video episode. With this foreboding sense of familiarity I was reluctant to wade through the net to find another City themed clip for today, and thankfully I have been saved the task of doing so courtesy of one of our readers. So, alas our 34th episode will not feature our upcoming opponents, nor will it feature the Rovers, but it is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.

We have the man behind the Mirko Bolesan football blog to thank for today’s Viva Video clip as it was he who brought it to our attention via his twitter feed. As anyone who has ever watched a Chris Tarrant clip show will tell you Japanese Game Shows are notorious for their broadcasting of the perverse, the unusual and sometimes the cruel. However, having turned its attention to football one Japanese show has delivered the brilliant.

If you wanted to pitch professional footballers against school-children in a match then how would you make it fair? A team of eleven pros would run rings round the kids obviously, but what if the kids had more on their side? How would eleven professionals fare against 100 school children? Well thanks to this Japanese show we can now find out. In a stadium in Japan eleven members of the Gamba Osaka took to the field to take on 100 children and no matter that we don’t understand Japanese, the result is frankly brilliant television.

Here it is for you in all its glory, albeit in three parts. First up the introduction to the teams and their entrance to the stadium, complete with the usual FIFA music. And then we have the line-ups; Osaka have gone for a tried and tested 4-4-2, whilst the kids have elected for the unproven 40-30-30 formation.

Onto part two then with the game in motion now, although the kids’ tactic of sending 90 people forward for a corner doesn’t quite pan out as hoped, and the pro’s take advantage to establish a half-time lead. The Osaka team also show great initiative at the kick-off for the second half.

And lastly the final part and the kids are starting to make their 89 man advantage tell, but will they overcome their established opponents?


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Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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