Fifty Sense – Rovers’ in League Cup Shortlist

As regular readers of this site will know, Viva Rovers was temporarily shut down in September at the request of the Football Association for the heinous crime of using mobile phone photos of the inside of football grounds to illustrate our articles. (I know, I know, we sunk to a real low, and out of shame I still repeatedly yell “You’re  a disgrace. You’re scum, You’re not above the law” at myself in the mirror every evening before bed so I remember that it is because of cretins like me that the FA could only serve a Chateau Margeux 1995 at their latest function and not the Haut Brion Pessac-Lognan 1982 they had their eye on.) The odd thing about this is that whilst we were blacklisted by the FA the Football League continue to cheerfully email me details of anything positive they are doing and any promotion vaguely connected to Doncaster Rovers. I’m not sure why, or how they found me, but still the emails come.

That opening paragraph is effectively the long-winded way of saying I had a promotional email this morning from the Football League, and for once it captivated my interest enough to regurgitate its contents on here, though I might go to the effort of rewriting it more than the official website chose too. In a nutshell, as this year is the 50th year of the League Cup the Football League have decided to pick out the top 50 moments of the competition (one from each year of the Cup’s existence) and get folk to vote on their favourite.

If I was to tell you that Rovers feature in this list then it would be pretty easy to guess in which year and with which game. Across the last half a century Rovers have had a pretty woeful League Cup record save for one notable season; 2005-06 when the club were just a minute away from the semi-finals. And we would have taken Wigan over two legs too. Thankfully the highlight is not  the quarter-final against Arsenal, but the previous round’s demolition of Aston Villa.

The best news of all is that the Football League have set up a separate website to run through the ‘moments’ they have selected from the last fifty years of the League CupSo head there now firstly to enjoy rare footage of that Rovers win at a packed Belle Vue complete with original commentary, and secondly to effectively kill your morning at work by trawling through the other 49 moments. Oh and lastly, don’t forget to vote for the Rovers’ in whatever this was a vote for.


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Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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