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Celebrity Fan Club; #7 Lindsay Lohan

Bloody hell this is getting hard work, and we’re only seven weeks in to what seemed a really good feature idea back in the heady days of October. Anyway, we’re up to the latest celebrity to show their true football supporting colours in public and for the fourth week running it’s another well-known female. Hollywood paparazzi target Lindsay Lohan has displayed a lot of things in public, thankfully for our censors we’ll just be focussing on her red and white hoops.

Born in the USA, Lohan was a late convert to the Rovers cause first connecting with the club in 2003. Lohan then 17 and filming for her breakthrough film Freaky Friday was urged to adopt a football team to help promote the film in the UK. To help with popularity Lohan decided to go for a team near the top of the Conference, not realising than unlike US Sport the Conference was a non-league division. As such Lohan chose the Rovers because “It sounds kinda like a dog or something, and dogs are like super cool” and has been smitten ever since.

It seemed a suitable choice as well with Lohan’s career matching the fortunes of the Rovers over subsequent years. Doncaster earned back to back promotions and Lohan starred in a succession of high-grossing films. However,a s with many new Rovers fans, Lohan of course had only ever known success, and so despite the fact that Doncaster had established themselves as a comfortable League One side Lohan demanded more.

In 2006-07 with Rovers stuck in mid-table and undergoing a transitional period between managers Dave Penney and Sean O’Driscoll Lohan could not accept that Rovers were not progressing and she went off the rails. Her film career was punctured by two Drink Driving charges and she was regularly photographed by the paparazzi in a drunken state often mumbling things like “Why did we not hold on to Sean Thornton?” and “but if he’s so good in training why doesn’t it show on the pitch?”

Thankfully though as Rovers secured promotion to the Championship in 2008 Lohan was able to stabilise her drinking and re-establish her career starting with an appearance in Ugly Betty and also a trip to watch Rovers opening day win at Derby’s Pride Park.


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Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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