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Remember the Millennium Bug? All that fear that machines constructed and programmed in the digital age would not be able to comprehend the end of a hundred year cycle and would all crash or blow-up or rise up against us all and we’d wake up on New Years Day in the year 2000 and stagger downstairs to find the television, the video camera and the radio alarm clock all having breakfast together, using your favourite mug, on purpose, out of spite. Remember that? Well I have much the same fear with Viva Video in that though this is epsiode 19 of its new incarnation it is in actual fact nearer episode 56 in total, owing to those editions lost to Rupert Murdoch’s whim and subsequently reclaimed by Teamtalk. I worry that when I eventually do upload the initial first nineteen episodes I’ll be sucked into my laptop like a cheap mid-1980s kids tv special effect and I’ll be trapped in here forever facing an angry mob of celebrities still irate at being wrongly labelled Rovers fans.

Sooooo… thats the inner workings of my mind unwravelled before your eyes like the knitted pullover of an ex-SAS man caught on a splinter in wooden main stand. Back to the matter in hand. This is indeed the redux of episode nineteen of Viva Video and as such time to continue the recent trend of honouring are visitors with a bout of recent nostalgia. Last week we went back to when football was football, when the grounds looked like grounds, and the shorts looked like hot-pants. And I enjoyed it so much that I’m doing it all over again this week and making Plymouth Argyle’s 1993-94 season the subject of this week’s episode.

Under the management of former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton Plymouth Argyle finished third in Division Two in 1993-94. Argyle had occupied an automatic promotion spot for much of the season but were eventually pipped to second place by Port Vale who put together an impreesive final flourish of eight wins from nine to take second spot. And so Plymouth had to settle for the play-offs in which they were defeated over two legs by Burnley who went onto secure promotion with a Wembley win over Stockport. Plymouth fans had certainly been entertained though with Argyle netting a division high 88 goals, including eight in a final day demolition of Hartlepool at Victoria Park, a score which remains Plymouth’s record away league win. Heady days indeed… here’s how they did it.


About glen wilson

Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


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