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Viva Video XLIX

I love this feature. I feel safe enough in your company to come right out and say it without fear of judgement or high pitch effeminate name-calling. The primary reason for this love is that Viva Video provides me with a valid excuse to trawl the internet’s many video outlets for football clips. The secondary reason is that though I have seen a lot of football video clips, more often than not my search leads me to a gem of a video I have previously never seen. This week is a case in point, and not only that its brought forth a video that Blackpool fans will enjoy muchly as well.

This week’s Viva Video ould have brought forth any one of a number of great vintage clips; The Matthews Final of course, Mickey Walsh’s 1975 Goal of the Season, or even the 4-0 FA Cup humbling of West Ham in January 1971.  But football’s not always about the good times. Blackpool have been at the top of the game in this country, but they have also been at the bottom and we don’t want to build the opposition up too much before they face Rovers. So instead I found a clip of Blackpool at the wrong end of the Football League. Division Four to be precise, circa 1992.

It’s a Lancastrian derby against the now Premier League Burnley and there are a number of reasons why I selected this clip. Firstly, in the intermittent seventeen years both the clubs and the commentator have hauled themselves upwards from football’s bottom rung. Secondly Bloomfield Road still looks like a proper football ground. Thirdly, so different is football now that its hard to comprehend that this was how football looked when I started going. Fourthly, the standard of the football is bloody awful.

And lastly,a nd most importantly, the crowd’s reactions to the goals. Note the lack of tinny orchestrated official goal-music, it’s just blokes (and only blokes) going genuinely mental all of their own accord. This is best illustrated by the guy doing a one man pitch invasion smoking a cigarette and the jubilant comedic whooping over the replays of Blackpool’s goals. Other things worth noting, the steward behind the goal and his professional reaction to a first half Burnley miss and the Blackpool chairman who has come to the game in a football chairman fancy dress costume.


About glen wilson

Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


One thought on “Viva Video XLIX

  1. Also worth noting Measham and Harper for Burnley and Gore for Blackpool on the teamsheets that day. Proper football.

    Posted by MikeyMike | November 3, 2009, 10:28 am

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