Rovers Celebrity Fan Club; #2 Ronald McDonald

Ronald hot foots it down to the Keepmoat

Ronald hot foots it down to the Keepmoat

In our inaugural episode of this acknowledgement of Rovers’ celebrity followers we praised the efforts of ‘Wally’ of Where’s Wally? fame in taking the red and white hoops to a global audience. Though our next celebrity fan has arguably surpassed Wally’s efforts in terms of global hoop wearing. He may not be as overt in his support as Wally, but he has certainly taken his hoop wearing to an even more significant global audience. Ladies, gentlemen and fans of obesity causing super-conglomerates we give you celebrity Doncaster Rovers fan number 2; Ronald McDonald.

Though famous for his more noticable bright yellow action-clown jumpsuit Ronald always sports the shirt of his beloved Rovers beneath as part of his uniform. Indeed since he burst onto the fast food-mascot scene in the mid 1960s he has rarely been seen without the red and white hoops. Despite spending much of his time in the US Ronald has gone great lengths to attend Rovers matches and in the early 1990s he even ensured a McDonalds restaurant was erected just behind Belle Vue to enable him to get to more fixtures.

Always keen to get involved with the Rovers, it was from his base at the nearby drive-thru that he famously stepped in to lend a pair of his over sized clown shoes for Neil Campbell to play in during the Conference years when the Rovers striker had misplaced his boots. Ronald also provided hairstyle tips to Jason Price though the impact of the proximity of his restaurant had a less positive effect on the physique of Paul Barnes. The growth in the striker’s girth whilst at Rovers being the believed instigation of McDonalds’ decision to expand their menu to include salads.

Ronald has now moved on from the role of mascot and has been titled Chief Happiness Officer at McDonalds since August 2003, a position awarded to him after bosses observed Ronald’s three months of perpetual glee following Rovers promotion back into the Football League that May. However all has not been rosy for Ronald in his support of the Rovers. For years Ronald enjoyed great discussions and on lower division English football with his best friend, a fanatical Darlington fan. However, it all turned sour when the two fell out about the footballing merits of Ricky Ravenhill and sadly Ronald and the Hamburglar have failed to see eye to eye since.

Ronald is repremanded for taking a souvenir picture during a trip to the Keepmoat Stadium

Ronald is repremanded for taking a souvenir picture during a trip to the Keepmoat Stadium


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Former schoolboy, Glen Wilson writes on football and travel and has been editor of the award-winning popular STAND fanzine since before the award.


2 thoughts on “Rovers Celebrity Fan Club; #2 Ronald McDonald

  1. Here’s a spooky thought: There is also a McDonald’s restaurant in very close proximity to the Keepmoat stadium. Surely with one just the other side of the lake there would be no need for another in such close proximity were it not for Ronald McDonald’s fanatical support of the mighty Rovers. Geographical coincidence? Market saturation? I think not!

    Posted by MikeyMike | October 15, 2009, 11:13 pm
  2. Fuck and arse toffee, I should’ve proof-read before posting. Nobody’s going to take me seriously when I can’t come up with a synonym for proximity!

    Posted by MikeyMike | October 15, 2009, 11:14 pm

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